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Oct 7, 2009
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Searched the forums and only found keywordfury and keyword extractor plus, but none of them are for download available.

As i want to go for the longtail keywords i kindly ask someone to post a link to a download for this kind of a tool. Thanks will be given.

this is a tool made by me:

This little PHP tool will scrap G keyword suggest tool, with no captcha requiered

For example, you put 2 keywords on keywords.txt, fire key.php, and you will get 20 targeted Google keywords on your txt result file with no captacha requiered.
put 4 and you will get 40....

- Instructions:

1) fill keywords.txt with your list, one keyword for each line.
2) upload both files (keywords.txt and key.php).

read: results.txt file


password: onegg

This doesn't export to anything, but works as well:
		$keyword = $_GET['kw'];
		echo 'Keyword Suggestions for: <strong>'.$keyword.'</strong>';
	} else {
		echo 'No Keyword Selected!';
	$url = ''.$keyword;
	$xml = simplexml_load_file($url);
	$data = $xml->xpath("/toplevel/CompleteSuggestion/suggestion");
	$queries = $xml->xpath("/toplevel/CompleteSuggestion/num_queries");
	$i = 0;
	$count = count($data)-1;
	while($i <= $count){
		echo $data[$i]['data']. ' - '. $queries[$i]['int'];
		echo '<br />';
Save it into a .php file and upload to your server. Visit http://theurl/path/to/file/suggest.php?kw=keyword

Edit: Oops. Had some unnecessary code in there.
new mirror (I received a PM telling me that the file is down):


password: onegg
try this one. it was shared before here in BHW but i couldn't find the link quickly. so i uploaded it on mediafire for you. It's Google Suggestor
here it is again:


password: onegg
I have my own script which scrapes it and more.. I'll be posting update soon with export function and other great improvements in the members area. Register at and try it.
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