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    Hi there. I've been developing a tool for my friend and I thought that maybe there are more people out there who might find it useful, so I turn to you for advice in order to see if there?s enough people interested in such a tool that it might be worth selling.
    What is it about?
    Well, my friend is a promotor for local disco bars etc. and he uses Facebook a lot in order to promote events. But to do so, he has few ?fake? accounts with lots of friends which he invites to the parties he organizes. You?ve probably all seen events with 20, 30, 50k invited people.
    Well in order to expand his reach he?s adding more friends but is struggling with two major issues:

    1. How to find relevant people?
    2. How to speed up the process of adding them as friends?
    This is where the tool comes in.
    The Tool, let?s name it Facebook Friend Discovery is purpose build to serve the above mentioned use-case. You go on Facebook find recent event with lots of attending people, throw that event into the tool and viola you get the list of people who responded to the invitation positively so you can build your friend network composed of active and relevant people.
    How does it work?

    1. You log in to the tool with your desired account
    2. Enter the event ID or URL to the event on facebook
    3. You get a list of people that accepted the invitation
      1. You get their:
        1. Gender
        2. Name
        3. Picture
        4. Number of mutual friends
    4. You add people with most mutual friends
    Those of you familiar with Facebook friend policy know that you can add more friends per day if you have lots of mutual friends with people you want to add, that?s why we sort people by mutual friend count.
    Now this is currently all very basic, but according to my friend he can now add relevant people with ease and spends not more than 15min a day doing something that took him over an hour.
    In future I?m planning on adding support that will remember which people you added so you?ll get insight into statistics ? how many people responded, where you found them etc. Plus you?ll be able to easily cancel pending requests ? again those of you familiar with FB, will know that if you get lots of pending requests Facebook will limit the number of requests you can send per day.

    What I want from you?
    Well, for now just some thoughts of the tool I?ve described. Do you think it?s useful for someone else too? I?m also open to suggestions of what do you think should I improve etc.
    I?m really interested to see if you guys think there is money to be made from such tool?

    In the attachment you will find some pictures of the current state of the tool.

    pic1.PNG pic2.PNG pic3.PNG pic4.PNG
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    I would be interested in a tool like this
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    Nanavlad would you like to share your opinion what do you find useful in such tool?

    You can PM me if you don't wish to disclose publicly. I'm really interested is this useful just for people promoting events or are there other usecases.

    Or you can email me, it's my username at gmail
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    I'd be willing to test it for you, just PM me.