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    So I took your advice and made a niche blog over a video game I enjoy, I got it to about 17k likes within 2 months trying my best being a beginner and all, I post daily and my posts average 300-500likes on average. Now the problem is I cant monetize it... I'm trying mylikes and im getting less than pennies, the majority of my likers are from poor countries like the philippines but this so happens to be where a large portion of people who play this game happen to be so I thought it was a win win regardless. Mylikes isnt working and im not sure where to go from now... Any guidance?? I just want to make a little income to motivate myself to grow this page more because iv put a lot of time into growing this page, coming from a noob background in all of this stuff and I just wanna know if im wasting my time.. end rant.