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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by graphox, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Hey guys, so I have way to many projects going on right now. I just realized this, because I have so many ideas but I try so many of them that I have too many to manage.

    So I just want to know, how many hours a day do you guys spend, and how many projects do you have?

    Current Projects:
    1) CPA Based Rewards Site
    2) CPA Based Giveaway Site
    3) 3x Google Adsense MNS (Bought)
    4) 1x Google Adsense Authority (Bought, In progress)
    5) 2x Google Adsense Authority (Self-Owned, In progress)
    6) Offline Clients (Not started yet, but wrote letters already)
    7) Offline/Online DS (Not started yet, but have looked into it and done a little bit of work)

    My Plan:
    1) Keep the CPA Based Giveaway site as simple and little time-consuming as possible (5 minutes a day), keep it for a while
    2) Keep the CPA Based Rewards site for now, so I can build up some money. Will try to flip in maybe 2-8 weeks
    3) Don't create anymore Adsense based sites
    4) Do some SEO for Google Adsense MNS
    5) Finish the bought Adsense Authority
    6) Let the 3 articles I currently have drip for 1 month on one of the self owned auth sites, and do SEO for it
    7) Don't start the 2nd self owned auth site
    8) Start Offline Clients now to build up some cash
    9) Start Offline DS after CPA Based Rewards site is flipped, and both auth sites are set up and ready
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    sounds pretty similar. I made most money when I had one / two sites. But I ended up with about 50 in different industries, niches, some cpa,own products,services,adsense and so own. Idea was to have solid base and be diversified, multiple sources of income etc. Truth of the matter is, it did not work out for me. Never worked as much and earned as little.

    I am not saying it is not possible, just not for me. I am always on the look out for new ideas, methods, niches. Some successful some not.

    Best advise I could give you is to make a prioritized plan. Set goals for 6 months, 1 month, 1 week, and every day. Make sure to write down and religiously execute tasks one by one before touching anything else.

    Your ultimate goal, especially with the cpa,adsense sites should be to automate it as much as possible. You might get money from offline/clients but remember those will be clients and it will be work. Unless you can successfully outsource most.

    You will be successful when your business functions without you. So systematize and automate.

    All best to you/