Too many leads, missing sales! Looking for a solution!

Discussion in 'CPA' started by lovetrain, Oct 13, 2015.

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    I have a little problem in my CPA campaigns. Actually its running pretty well and im getting a lot of leads. (Well, a lot for me) Last week i got a email from the support with the info that my sales:lead ratio is not good enough. And when im not able to increase it i wont get fully paid for all the leads.
    Thats a kind of information that didnt make you happy. And since i cant force my visitors to actually buy something on the promoted page, the only thing i can do is hoping and praying. Both not my favorites.

    Anyway, i were thinking about how to get my full lead payment and the only solution would be "more sales". Now, my question. Since there is a service for almost everything in the WWW, is there also one for "sales"?

    Anybody an idea?
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    I think the leads are not targeted which leads to a low ratio. It means that they're not interested in the offers that they subscribed. How did you get the leads? Landing Pages?