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Today Has Been Good! - My First Project Unfrozen By Webs.com

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dankerman666, Sep 30, 2015.

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    Feb 17, 2011
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    So I am cracking open a beer right now and enjoying the words on my email screen.

    A little backstory,

    I started out in this forum learning everything I could about SEO in February of 2011. My learning curve is very small and I have a knack for getting my hands dirty so I opened a free webs.com account and built my first shitty website with absolutely no investment.

    Of course things were slow in the beginning and it took a while to figure out my niche but that was quickly overcome and I got started by building the property up and then I followed the Bum Marketing Method and wrote nothing but articles base content and pointed a bunch of links at my domain (1-2 per article). This provided a bit of traffic and got me my first sale on click bank. I watched my organic rankings slowly grow for long tail and high potential medium competition keywords and of course that brought a bunch of targeted traffic and thus more commissions. I stepped my game up and did some more advanced things to it towards the end to get my organic rankings above the big dogs. I'm honestly surprised they didn't try contacting me when they seen me in there with their results for prime keyword real estate.

    The only regret I have now, that I didn't think about then, is that I poured my soul into that one site because I was doing everything right, or so I thought. Long story short I had my account frozen with my site being a PR 4 XXXXX.webs.com domain with only 5 pages, and only my personal time invested at first.

    This one site alone was bringing me in $1500-$2300 monthly and I could have just let it sit there and grow, and the money would have been coming in passively while I worked on something else. So one day I decided to get greedy and use the blog page function they had. I wrote about 5 more articles and had my affiliate links in each one on top of my other 4/5 pages, they ranked almost immediately and I thought nothing of it.

    A couple weeks later after letting it sit and gathering my thoughts before my next project, basically enjoying the accomplishment I had amassed in about 12 months, I go to see how everything is running traffic wise and noticed I was having a problem logging in. After a email to support and an hour or two later, they had informed me my site had been frozen for a direct violation of their terms of service. My soul was fucking shattered!!!

    Apparently once I did that, one of you assholes (just kidding of course) decided to scrape box link comment spam the fuck out of my blog posts, this targeted my page for review and once they seen that I was using affiliate links and my site was being spammed, they smacked me with the ban hammer as you all like to call it.

    I tried back and forth with them and they kept telling me no no no, we can't reinstate the site blah blah blah. I took a year out of the game and put my interests in offline SEO for businesses since I had a pretty nice white hat formula worked out that, to this day never fails me. I was extremely pissed and needed some validation of my skills, I guess in a lot safer realm and using other people to put up the money for my experiments. Landed some nice clients and I haven't struggled to pay my bills since, except for a few months when I made a dumb stock market investment move. But that my friends is a story for another time.

    Mind you I was a mechanic working on cars before all of this and busting your knuckles everyday for shit pay will motivate the hell out of you, trust me. Find whatever it is that ignites you and use it to motivate whatever procrastinating bone is in your body. You will enjoy the rewards.

    So I said fuck it and after 3 years I decided to try and get my account back in good standing, told them I am okay with starting fresh, but I want the domain back for nostalgic reasons. Sure as shit I just logged into my account and they have granted my request and the site is live again with all my old content minus the pages they deleted.

    Now mind you I have about 500 links still live that are all aged and high quality, The domain still has a lot of juice and I plan on doing things a little better for old times sake. I know there are better converting products for the niche now and I am going to do everything legit and turn the switch back on to see if it can earn the way it used to, or possibly better. But I am going to be very delicate with it.

    The moral of this story is to never give up, keep pushing forward and find something that works for you in the IM world. You are going to experience bumps in the road but if you keep pursuing your goals, eventually you will hit some luck. I took a chance and learned a skill that I can create money almost on demand with and you can to. With the internet evolving on an everyday basis you can definitely capitalize somewhere in the ecosystem.

    Sure not everything works as good as before but you only live once and the risk is worth the payoff if you keep at it.
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