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to pay for my mortgage

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by tinydisk28, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. tinydisk28

    tinydisk28 Newbie

    Feb 8, 2011
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    My goal as a noobie is to pay for my mortgage which is £570 a month (that’s $912)
    This is a log of what I have done and how successfully it is plus the time taken. Firstly all of this info is borrowed from other blackhatters in particular the thread
    “The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know” by shaqsquash all credit to him because its his work that has inspired me to attempt this.

    1) Read 14 pages of the thread “The Easiest and Quickest $100 A Day I Know”
    2) Sign up for Y_ahoo! Contributor Network and constant content
    3) Find out how payment work at over-blog waiting for answer
    Found a recommended mic on shaqsquash thread at logitech
    5) Create test account at content submission but cannot get upfront payment as not from the uk
    6) How to appear from the USA on Y_ahoo! Contributor Network
    Registered 2nd time as USA but from my normal IP
    Do not exceed $500 (if i read right) or will caught by w9 tax trap
    Need to learn about IP proxys to hide my location .checking out US IP - hidemyip
    Plus learn how to set up multiple paypal address.
    Set up 3 paypal address and 3 emails to make USA identity
    7) Can also use Contributor Network method for back links but will work on that after I make some basic money
    8) min article length 400 to 500 words as it pays better some times twice that of a 200 to 300 worder
    9) Check out textbroker.com and see if w9 tax limitations applies to me
    10) article writing software get it from torrents will try instant article wizard 3.0 first
    *** Time spent so far 6 hours ****

    11) tried to down load a pirate copy of instant article wizard 3.00 but failed they all had viruses or did not work
    12) paid one off $20 for cracked instant article wizard
    13) learned the basics of using instant wizard
    14) Paid $10 and added the copyscape feature to instant article wizard to ensure my article read as unique
    15) Acquired a 407 word ez ine article re wrote it
    16) Tried to submit to Yahoo! Contributor Network as a UK citizen it will not pay up front for this. *FAILED*
    17) My crack version of article wizard not working correctly but good enough for converting ez ine articles
    18) Tried setting up a fake USA application but failed. Will try again but with hipe me ip running
    19) Third time lucky set up fake USA application with hide my ip free demo.
    20) Successfully up loaded my first 407 articles will see if it gets pass the review but this was only my 1st
    *** Time spent so far 10.50 hours ****
    21) Decided to put my log on blackhat for any feed back