To JV, to buy, to divide equity?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by iTypeR, Feb 6, 2014.

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    Hi people of the world, I am hoping I get some experience based answers on this question that I have been pondering for about a year now.

    Scenario (I am sure this is not an uncommon one) - I have a website (forum) with 200,000 members and around 2m posts... but it's kinda dead - heart barely beating, clinically dead, brain dead whatever... I also have 5 offline businesses that are fairly successful (combined t/o over $1m - I am not tooting my own horn, just trying to say I am not a noob to biz) - but this is really my only online venture (I've tried many but none have really taken off). This is funny because I worked for one of the first successful dot-coms in my country, etc etc. Anyway I digress... so I spent may be $20k on this online business - half on elance half by hiring people on this forum (or vbulletin forum). I get very mixed results by buying services so I am getting more and more jaded by the minute.

    I am contemplating putting up a post in JV area to offer a partnership - but I am kinda sceptical about that too... and offering someone a share in the business is also a tough call without knowing someone REALLY well. I don't want to let this site die, because my other partner in the site has 1 online biz (also forum based) and it's very profitable and successful, so I know the model works. But again, with so many offers that I see on this forum, I can imagine many people would take almost every "offer" as a load of crap. May be I am too cynical?

    What are your thoughts on JVs, offers, etc on this forum?

    Thank you in advance
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    OK, so you spent some money on buying services, what kind were they? SEO services?

    Also, the 200K members, are they real or are half of them bots?

    Anyway, I own two webmaster forums, one of them is even older than BHW. PM me your URL and I'll take a look.