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    Why don't you just take a seat right here...good, now we can set things straight.

    My name is Funkybunker, but that's kind of obvious since it's under the freaking title.
    What doesn't seem obvious to many newcomers (I mean "just opened my browser and decided to become rich in the next 5 minutes")

    Methods aren't obsolete (dead) merely because they didn't work for you.

    Our fantastic community of experienced veterans and the willing-to-learn are more than happy to support you in your IM career. Yeah, it's a career my friend, it WILL take time like everything else in life worth having. Believe me...I thought different too once upon a time.

    "Finding what works" and "making it work" must go hand in hand, when you understand this your career will truly take off. I know you've fallen for get rich quick schemes, but the truth is...they only make the schemer rich. There never was a method to it. Try that here and you will not enjoy the consequences...we can all agree on this.

    To sum things up, if you cannot read the incredible methods, tips and journeys shared here over the last 8 years, gain some knowledge & motivation and get your feet wet;

    McDonalds is right around the corner.

    Your new friend,

    As requested, here are some of the methods I've personally looked into and have great potential. (still involves work, I know...I know)

    Offline/Online hybrid by TheDarkOne

    $100 a Day by BlueMatter (in progress but a definite read)

    One of THE BEST blog methods by MeatHead1234

    Overall a great list of free hosts, blogs etc. by Morgan456

    The very thread that got me into IM by Taktical

    Look around you, people will pay you for expired chocolate if you sell it right.
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    I like the way you colored "McDonalds." Very creative.
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    Why not cite and include sources for those newcomers instead of telling them to basically,"Keep looking."
    What do new people look for?
    What do they need?
    Where do they start?
    I see your point, and this point is made everyday by different people or "veterans." But the problem is we aren't supplying what these new people need, I mean, of course, I completely agree, search more, and we don't need to spoon feed anyone, but telling them to just keep looking isn't helping, because everyone, and I mean everyone and their grandmothers here says.
    "Why don't you just use the search bar." I, and mostly everyone here can vouch for this, but it simply won't stop, people are hungry, they want a easy way, but instead of telling them to just keep looking...
    Why don't we just post links for them, because when I see someone reply with sources or links to great threads that are truly beneficial, threads from those people stop, simply, stop.
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    You hurt my newbie feelings :3
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    I totally agree with you.

    I should point out that this someone how goes out to the experts as well. A method is not DEAD or OBSOLETE if it does not work for you.