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Title.Box.WriteLine("Hello, World!");

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Tansen, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Tansen

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    Sep 22, 2015
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    That's as far as I've ever got in Csharp and programming in general.

    Hello Guys,

    The short version:
    Recently unemployed(From a job I actually liked, by a guy who I helped and backstabbed me for my work :() been down many grueling and high input jobs with no to minimal return both online and offline. I was always curious about this particular world but never had energy left to give it a shot, I have a sharp focus on what I am doing but often times it's more of a detriment because I don't see the whole picture. I am not afraid of hard work since its been a struggle nearly my entire life just to stand on my feet, metaphorically in a financial sense, as much as I want to paint a nice picture of where I am going I can't because I am unsure. The drastic sacrifices and ridicule I've had to endure due to out of my control circumstances have probably contributed to my insanity. No, wait I read my palm wrong... super insanity.

    My primary goal here is to learn what I can to make at least $50/Day, or enough to at least cover my rent for now ($750) since that's drawing dangerously closer.

    I started a thread of my journey relating to the amount of options I am aware of and are currently pursuing or not pursuing. I would like some help on those that are marked "ABANDONED" if you're willing to share with me what I might have missed but other than that one of my biggest deadly sins, Pride... also may include the last shreds of honor, causes me to refuse hand-outs on those I am WIP, UNLESS I am really stuck then I'd need help (or if you see I am going down an extremely stupid path that will actually cost me money I cannot afford to lose, PLEASE STOP ME). I am open to the other idea avenues on stuff I haven't considered or are unaware of so if I have missed anything please feel free to reply in that thread.

    If I can generate enough for my rent it will enable me to get some breathing room, maybe actually have more meals than I did in college, but we'll see since I'll do anything if it helps slow the bleed that is my rent...

    I don't know how to end or close these intros so just imagine I threw some smoke bombs on the ground and walked 2ft out the door.