Tips to Make Your Content Go Viral

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    Hey fellas,

    I have been reading a lot about how to make every word of content you write or buy, work for you. I gathered some info and put together an article so I could post it on our blog, but then I wanted to share it here so more people actually see and benefit from it. Your thoughts and contributions would be much appreciated. If you like it and find it useful, hit the rep+ button. Thanks for reading folks....!

    Today everybody wants to be a viral marketer. However, only a few are successful. What does it take to be popular in this field? Read on...

    It was truly a hot topic of discussion ? how the Facebook IPO bombed miserably. Ask experts at Wordstream and they are perhaps the guys who know about it all! They in fact also released a study on how Facebook advertising fell short of The Google Display Network, just before the Facebook IPO. Little did they know that the story would become the talk of the town. Thus, when it comes to viral marketing, anything is possible. This in turn brings us to the tips to be followed before going viral!

    Going Viral? Here are the Tips...

    For Infographics, Pinterest Rules! ? As your content goes viral, you can expect a major portion of the traffic from the social media outlets. Don?t be surprised to see Pinterest beating Google+ and LinkedIn. Thus, if you are doing any infographic, Pin It!

    Twitter Is Always Effective ? This doesn?t mean other sites are not effective. Twitter is still effective the same way as it was before.

    Don?t Stop in the Middle ? You got to anticipate various angles for your news and adapt your story to the prevailing narrative. The news cycle is very fast. A headline such as ?New Research Compares Facebook Advertising to Google Display Network: Who Comes Out on Top?? is good but definitely not viral at that time. It was when GM dumped Facebook that news agencies started looking for reasons for doing so. That?s when an article reading ? ?Does Facebook Advertising Work?? took the world by storm. That?s when it went viral! More importantly, never stop once you are in news. Back it up with follow up stories to keep the trend going.

    Did You Miss the Window? ? Media spotlight is always short lived. If you are lucky enough to get their attention, do whatever it takes to make the most of it in that short time.

    ?So What?? Factor ? The successful content marketing initiatives are the ones that have an unexpected result at the end, something that?s opposite to conventional wisdom. People, looking at an article always say ? So what, why should I care about this? Your story must make them care for.

    Thus, if you are really serious about making your content go viral, make sure you are hitting the right chords. Remember, there are thousands like you thinking the same way as you. How do you grab attention? Get a story that shocks. That?s worthy.
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    I am not understanding your idea.