Tips to make Super High Quality Automated Spins!

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    I just wanted to share my method of rivaling, in some cases even beating WordAI which is the best at one click spins.

    The next best is Spin Rewriter and 3rd is Chimp Rewriter.

    (Using Best settings for all of them)

    SR makes sometimes seemingly intentional stupid synonyms! And you cant actually train SR! The changes are all global, not personalized to how you use it.

    For example SR would turn lessons into {lessons|driving lessons}. Or game into {game|video games}

    i.e. One life driving lesson is dont just talk a good video game, actually have video game!
    ( One life lesson is dont just talk a good game, actually have game!)

    The solution?

    1. Using SR, mark out those words, dont let SR spin that!

    In this case for example I would put stop words "lesson" and "game"

    2. I use Chimp for this, but TBS and SpinnerChief will also work, instruct them to keep off the stuff SR worked on, and spin those phrases and words SR was unable to spin.

    In Chimp, I would either hit "Favorite synonyms" then hit "Phrase Spins"

    I never, ever let CHimp or TBS work on the article alone.

    3. Notice that sometimes SR destroyes sayings, cliches etc, and thats why you should mark them down for Stop words in SR.
    "Unconscious competence" for example cant be synonymzed on a per word basis. SO I would have to create synonyms for the "unconscious competence" as "mastery, expert, expert level skills" etc.

    4. Some words just cant be auto spun. An example is the word "get".

    SR would spin it like this: {get|obtain|have}

    It's right some of the time, but because were after fully automated WordAI and higher quality spins? Unfortunately we have to just leave them alone. Put them in Stop Words in SR.

    I want to {get|obtain|have} the best car.

    I dont want to {get|obtain|have} killed by a heart attack.
    It doesnt make sense right?

    Stop words is the key!

    Hope that helped.