Tips Required For Flipping Established Sites

Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by shankyblue, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Hey guys Ive been playing around with start up sites and I have made some money however there is only so much money your ever going to make with start ups.

    As well as that its a lot more risky as to whether your site will sell or not, so you will need to look at this more long term.

    I would much rather sell established sites as they usually sell themselves and can fetch a lot more money.

    So lets say we will build a site from scratch for the sole intention of flipping it a month later with traffic and revenue.

    So far I have a tried adsense. I have not done any SEO yet the earnings are ok but not worth selling yet until I crank up the SEO.

    Next Im thinking of article marketing, buying at least 50 articles and submitting them to EZA and directing the traffic to a blog with a clickbank product as well as some basic SEO.

    What do you guys think. Do you have anything to add. Is there an easier way.
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    Flipping needs hard work and patience and usually its not so easy to earn big profit after flipping a site that is just 1 month old.
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    I'm thinking about flipping an established site of mine. From what I understand there are several factors involved in getting a premium for them. Page rank, traffic, sales and how long it's been established. Sites with no or little traffic and that have made no money usually fetch a small price.