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    This is not a tutorial but just some tips on how to get you PPD video stay longer on YouTube and Possibly increase your CR.

    Anyway i never like long talks so lets get straight to the point, this is tested by me and it worked pretty well and still is working.

    Basically we will be combining 2 methods here

    1. Old method for YT and PPD (Upload video with tags, good title , your link in description)
    2. Method I have seen most People use for Adult networks (Using Auto-responder To get People to your offer)

    Ok Since lately there is a lot of flaggers in Youtube when it comes to PPD Instead of Link for download of the locked File we will be providing them email to contact us, to get the file. Something along the lines "If you want to get this XXX file Contact us on email : [email protected] and we will send it to you for free"
    For this I suggest to use gmail account as its the only one that i could find that allow setting up the email title on Vacation reply, If you know any other which Allow the same you can use it also. Main reason is When they Get Automatic reply It looks Stupid when Email Title is "Auto reply or Vacation Reply"

    Ok onto setting up your email :

    Go to options on your email and enable Vacation response and write some nice converting email with good Title and you link included .

    Example :

    Thank you for contacting us, and showing your interest in XXX (whatever you are offering them to download). You can download XXX on the link bellow. We protected the link so so not everybody can access it because (make up some reason) so Please keep it for yourself and do not Share it

    Main reason for this kind of Approach with email instead of direct link in description is I noticed that Flaggers do not care much about taking down videos like this since they do not consider them as competition so your videos will last longer, and ofc there is no Risk of your Link to be Blacklisted by Youtube

    Main Part is to make Convincing email enough for them to fall For it as your CR will depend a lot on that part
    That's it.
    feel free To ask any question

    Disregard if i made any grammar mistakes as English is not my native Lang and its 4AM here so..
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