Tips on what network to use?

Discussion in 'General PPC Discussion' started by menzow, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Hello BHW,

    I'm looking to take action for the.. I think third time now?
    Previous attempts to make money with internet marketing have failed.

    Its been about 6 months or so since my last attempt, and after reading a TON of new information I wanna give it a new try.

    I would like to build a email list in my niche, the plan I have for that is make a landing and thank you page, offering a ebook for the niche if they do a email submit.

    Than just go and make a ad for a ad network, and wait for people to click the add and sign up.
    I dont have a huge budget to start off, only like $50 or so.
    What ad network / strategies do you guys advice?

    I also thought that I might be able to make a CPA offer, but I think I'll be needing a way bigger budget for that?

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    Good question menzow,

    You could always try Adwords. There is also Microsoft AdCenter and Yahoo PPC? They are comparable in price to the other well-known ones. There is also and . 7search is also still active

    You should also look into landing page optimization. This is a crucial part of success with any type of internet marketing campaign. Make your landing page simple and easy to use. Make the action you want users to perform obvious and compelling.

    I highly recommend that you read this book,

    This page has tips on creating landing pages that convert well,

    Hope that helps,