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Tips on how to increase app visibility

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by mandy0214, Apr 14, 2017.

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  1. mandy0214

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    Mar 27, 2017
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    There are many methods to increase app visibility, we can start from basic app creation. When we start creating an app, we need to create impressive description and select suitable keywords for it. Now, read the following methods to learn how to increase app visibility in app stores.

    App Store Optimization
    App store optimization is the process of optimizing mobile applications to improve the ranking in an app store’s search results. The visibility of your mobile app will improve with the rank of the mobile app in an app store’s search results. Most of the apps are discovered by searching directly in app stores using keywords, therefor, it is one of the crucial aspects that can help you get installs on your app. If you want your app to rank on top of the search results then you have to optimize your app for the app store.

    Select right category
    It is important to get your app feature in appropriate categories as that will help store filters to present your app to audience who actually want it. Most apps can fit into a number of different categories and so you will need to decide which one yours will rank in. By making the right choice you can significantly improve your rankings. Choose the category that is most relevant to your app and the level of competition in that category should also be considered.

    Select the right keywords
    A report shows around 70% traffic of an app is from keyword searches. When you’re selecting a keyword, you need to take keyword relevance, traffic, and competition into account.

    App Description
    There is no need for you to show all your app features. But in the first line, your app description should be direct and showcase the power of your app. And be sure to add your keywords as more as possible to the first three lines of the description.

    Encourage users to rate and review
    Another important factor for app visibility is ratings and review. App stores consider positive reviews and good rank as one the key validation for app’s quality and improves its ranking. So asking your users to leave a positive review of your app by sending them a push notification is also a good practice to improve the rankings.

    Graphic and Image Assets
    App icons, images, and screenshots help make your app stand out in search results, categories, and featured app lists.

    Localize your Store Listing
    Google provides automated machine translations of Store Listings that you don't explicitly define for your app. That being said, using a professional translation service for your Description can lead to better search results and discoverability for worldwide users.

    Update your App Regularly
    If you want to get your app featured on app stores, you’d better update your app frequently, especially on special occasions like the Christmas Day and New Year etc. Add new features, fix bugs with your every update. This will also improve the user experience.

    All the methods can help increase app visibility in app stores. Just keep patience as it is a long journey to boost an app.

    PS: If there is any questions about app store optimization , plz feel free to contact me(Mod Edit: How About No?)
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    So, let me see if I understand the story so far.

    First, you joined the forum under this account. Then you decided that one account wasn't enough, you had to save two! So you created @Bestreviewapp4u and spammed your Skype everywhere. The mod who banned your duplicate account let you keep this one, so you decide that you must have another alt. That's when @BestApp4u was born and you decided to spam your Skype everywhere once more.

    You then decided to lure people to Skype with this post and try to sell the members who contacted you installs.

    Want to guess what happens next?
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