Tips from experts how to optimize my "efforts"

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    Hi Guys,

    I m more then less a seo rookie and want to check what you made guys think of my "strategy".
    I'll tell you how I was going to achieve my goal, and i would be very gratefull if you would give me some advise what i could have done better.

    i just started my first e-mail marketing campaign as well as my first interview campaign. My goal is to produce linkbait.

    1. Scrapebox
    • through relevant Keywords i harvested URL s with possibe Interview Partners.
    • After that i grabed all E-mails

    2. Excel
    • I paste the list to a spreadsheet
    • through "text to column" i filtered the company names, they usually follow after the "at"

    3. After that i wrote my Interview questions. I divided the questions in 4 segments, each segment contains 3 questions. So i could later publish 4 different blog posts later. I tell the interview Partners that they can answer any question they like, in return i would publish that interview with a do follow link to their site.

    4. 1and1Mail Business (e mail marketing software i bought yesterday)
    • i created manualy different e-mail accounts at gmail, yahoo. etc (i hope there is a better way to create those accounts manualy)
    • Each e mail account has a variation of my brand name
    • the senders name is always my brand
    • i try to personalize the emails by writing in the the subject field: "Fishing Blog survey for (company name)". Thruogh automation the program fills in the corresponding company names.
    • i would like to use proxies, so my real ip wouldn t be regarded as a spammer ip. But at this point i don know where to get private smtp proxies. I can t use the proxies i m using for scrapebox "myprivateproxies", because this kind of usage is forbidden. But i m not sure where to buy SMTP Proxies. Ramanan recommended "hidemyass" hma proxies.

    So this i where i m at. Sry for my english, this is not my native language.