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    Hi guys,

    about 2 years ago I started a YouTube account with the aim to get a partnership. Just under a year ago I finally made it. Over the recent months I have neglected the channel, if I was serious I could easily be making over $30 a day from it but that is a long shot. currently its between $1.50-$5 / day so around $95 a month. Personally unless you are really serious about quality content, its a waste of time and effort.

    I have never used any blackhat or promotional tools or methods. I did it the hard way...

    In this thread I will show you a few strategies i used to use back in the day. some may not be relevant.

    First thing is first, you need quality content. This might seem like a no brainer but make sure you have a theme or a "service" that you offer to viewers. this can result in an audience and subscribers. for example you may want to focus on computer tech, or SEO tips etc... try to run it professionally and results will come in.

    Getting subscribers, which is an important factor when wanting to get a Partnership. What I did which turned out very successful is I mass PMed channels in the same niche I wrote out a very well worded letter explaining my channel and how it is growing and how "i would love to see them apart of it" I then made a channel intro video to send to them. I used to send about 200 PM's per day and with that i got at least 100 subscribers.

    I used to PM 25 channels at a time. by: channel, channel, channel, channel, channel etc... in the section where you choose who you want to send it to. the max is 25. I am not sure if YouTube has changed any of this as I did it a just under 2 years ago. Also be very careful, I would only recommend it with a new channel as it could result in a ban, so do it at your own risk. With that said, it worked well for me.

    Getting videos views the white hat way:
    Just like with Google and SEO you want to pick a niche/keyword that is fairly untouched. once you have done that you should choose a title that people are more likely to view over the competition. for example if you were doing a "how to" video which a competitor has already done, add something on the end like "for beginners" or something like that. Of course this depends on what the video is about.

    Make sure your videos are quality, this will entice people to subscribe.

    Think of subscriptions as an audience. Personally I couldn't care less how many subscribers I have, as long as I have an audience. Having Subscribers is a good way to have an audience and is a deciding factor in achieving a partnership.

    It all comes down to hard work Like I said. Unless you are very proactive or offer a real unique service, the results are probably not worth your time.

    If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask. I can tell you a lot more, this is just off the top of my head
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