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    More users rely on their mobile devices to check their mail, so it is equally important that marketers adapt their content accordingly. Mobile is here to stay and as time goes there are going to be more users checking their mails on their phones. Here are some tips you can rely on to take advantage of the situation.

    - The subject line is everything

    When it comes to mobile marketing, you will have to pay attention to the length of the heading. There are limits in the number of characters you can get across. If it?s too long, just a part of it will show. But if you get it too short, the risk is the potential reader might not be enticed to open the mail. It might be a daunting task to come up with a subject line that meets those criteria but again take your time and get the basics right. Think through the title and make sure it is enticing enough no matter the number of characters used.
    The number of possible characters you can type in the case of mobile marketing will have to do with the email app you are using. It could range from 30 to 50 characters. In a situation like that you should focus on giving the priority to keywords that have the potential to win the attention of the reader. Those keywords should be put at the beginning. Placing those keywords near the end increase the chance of them not getting seen and the opportunity will be lost.
    You can?t always figure out whether your target audience will check their mail through the phone or their desktop. Nonetheless shorter mails have higher chances to be read compared to longer mails.

    -Know your customers
    It is important to get to know the people you are trying to market to. It might not be obvious at the beginning, you will have to rely on your statistics from your analytics software to get a picture of who is out there, their demographics and whether or not they are opening your mails.
    Study their reactions over time. Send at least one email every week and look at the analytics to see the performance of each email. Try to learn something from each weekly graph before sending another message. Pay a keen attention tot the ?Click Through Ratio?, that is how you get to know what really works.

    -The design of the mail
    It is not just about the content of the mail but also about how appealing to the eye it can be. We already know that mobile screens are much smaller than desktop monitors. So it can be difficult for your reader to properly view your mail. The only way to know if your design format will properly fit a screen is to test it yourself with your own phone.
    If you are not good at customizing your email format yourself you can rely on services like mailchimp which offer pre-made templates that work on both desktop and mobile. There are many types of phones out there, all having different sizes of screen but in most cases if the letter shows correctly on one screen, it will probably show correctly on another one because the screens tend to scale them down to the same level. Don?t forget about the font size. You can test different size and find out the optimal size for most screens. You can rely on your friend?s phone to have an idea of how your messages may appear.

    -Allowing your links to be click-able on mobile
    Most of us use the mouse on the desktop. This tool is much more precise than the finger we use when on our mobile devices. That makes it quite difficult to be as accurate when trying to tap on something on the small screen. With that in mind if you have any link you want your readers to visit, you want to make it slightly bigger than usual to allow the finger to easily click it..

    - The timing
    It is important not to annoy your prospects and the time at which the mail is sent can be a key factor determining whether or not your message will be read. Statistics have shown that the best time to send a newsletter is on work days between Tuesday and Thursday. Try to do it in the afternoon. Of course you also need to study your audience and find out which works best.

    - Don?t end up in the Spam folder
    Spam filtering policies are getting harder to pass so your mail still has a chance to end up in the Spam folder. To avoid that, the first thing is to encourage any person who signs up for our newsletter to add your email to his list of contact. Aside that you also want to be careful about the content inside the mail. Certain words may be flagged as Spam and if you put too many links to click you increase the chances of your message been filtered out.

    - Be realistic
    The fact is you are not the only person trying to get to your customers through mail. They are probably already overwhelmed with other similar messages trying to win their attention. So expect a relatively low Click Through Rate. Over time as you get more popular and get more sign ups, you can hope to increase your readership.
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    Nice, really great post :)

    Love the subject line one. Without that, you might get no sales at all. I usually just discard e-mails when they have a bad subject line, make sure it's eye catching!