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[Tip] Useful Facebook Fan Page Applications

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Endire, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Endire

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    Mar 27, 2012
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    Having applications on your Fan page makes it that much more interesting for people to look at. It can also add more functionality. I put together this list in case anyone wants some background on good apps that you can add to a page.

    North Social
    North Social is a company who is owned by Vocus Marketing but they are pretty much still branded as their own entity. They have some pretty cool apps for business fan pages. For instance they have a classic fan gated app to show different kinds of content in exchange for likes, a maps one that shows business location information and driving directions, a document sharing one and a ton of others. This is a paid service and if you pay even the base fee, you get access to all the applications. Prices are pretty reasonable. If you have 1000 fans or less on your page, the price is about 60 bucks a month. If you have between 5000 and 1001, its double that and goes up from there. I have found it to be handy in growing a network but maybe not worth the price unless you are making money off your page.


    Fanpage Connect
    An innovative application allows you to host a Fanpage from your Wordpress site and also has features to let you build applications. It?s a Wordpress plugin and the pro edition is 97 bucks but you only pay the one time. Its worth a look if you have a Wordpress site.

    This is an easy to use and customizable iframe application for a Facebook Fan page. You can also download HTML templates that allow you to make professional looking applications. This app involves you getting your hands a little dirtier in terms of setting things up. There are a lot of helpful tutorials on the developer website. The iframes app is free but many of the templates are around 15-20 bucks.

    Facebook Fanpage Applications
    This is a facebook fan page where basic apps can be downloaded. YouTube, Twitter, and an RSS feed application just to name a few. There is also a pretty cool PDF document sharing application. If you are looking for basic free apps, these are pretty useful.


    Facebook Fanpage tab Maker
    The tab maker lets you make custom fan page tabs using a WYSIWYG editor. After you are done you simply log into the tab makers website and add your new tab to your fan page. The service has a nominal charge of 40 bucks per application. You can get a site wide license for 200 per year.


    The tab maker above is provided by tabfusion but they also have a ton of other apps that you can apply to a fan page. They have a number of blogging related RSS apps that are pretty useful as well as music, video and social integration apps (Google Plus looks pretty cool).

    Make Your Own
    Of course if you can?t find what you?re looking for, you can always create your own application. In case you didn?t know, a Facebook application is essentially a web page hosted either on facebook or your hosting provider?s server. There are a lot of tutorials around the web to help guide you on how to make one. Here is a pretty good resource:


    What Facebook applications have you found useful?
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    Dec 15, 2012
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    Some apps are new to me. Bookmarked for later reading.
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