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    Sometimes you are wondering what kind of site will get you rankings and most of all money. Most of us are not even sure that a certain way will work. So I decided to get some ideas from flippa. I know that there is a lot of crap there. Probably 80% of all sites for sale are just scamming you out of your good money. But anyway, I tend to scroll through the most active. There people already selected the good from the bad. At least more or less. I look for sites that make money either from Amazon or Adsense. So every now and then you find a site that has a lot of organic visitors and also making decent amount of money with it. Then I just bookmark the site, even ask the seller questions about it - all so I can copy that kind of site model. I don't mean to copy the site as is, but to give me a general idea of how a successful site is built. You can see the exact layout, where the ads are placed, what theme the site runs on, later on search where the backlinks come from, how many you need to outrun the competitor,... You understand what I mean. You obviously don't buy the site, but try to make your own successful one.

    Sometimes it is quite difficult to start somewhere from scratch. But like this you get a better understanding of what can potentially work.

    Hope that helps some other beginners out to start making a site and with it some money.
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