TIP: how to increase followback ratio


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Mar 16, 2014
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Hello wonderful people
my little share to increase followback ratio:

You will need to find those accounts owned by a person (not shops or pages) and that have a lot of followers, for example 10k and very low followings.. for example 1k. (Note: small fashion bloggers are perfect).
These profiles are the best because you can be pretty sure that they made follow-unfollow for a long time, and they got a big part of their followers from people's followback. So the people your are targeting are people that are inclined to followback your profile.

I've found that following some big pages will increase the probability to get a follow by these kind of people (I mean those with a lot of followers and low followings), because they look at the page's followers and they try to gather your follow by following you (of course 99% of the time they will unfollow you after couple of days, but who cares you have their nick and their followers).

Once you have a good list of these "vips": lets say each of them has 5k followers, if you find 10 of these accounts you will have 50k people inclined to give you their followback.

Set your bot (Gramdominator, followliker, any....) to follow those account's followers.
Results I got were pretty good, 40-50% follow ratio or even more.
This is just an idea, I'm sure there's a better way to do it! Hope it helps!