TinEye + Google = High Resolution Stock Photos Hack (slight update on old TinEye method)

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    For those if you who aren't familiar with the original method of using TinEye to find un-watermarked stock photos - basically TinEye is a reverse image search engine. So if you go to a popular stock photo site and search for some type of images you're looking for, then sort by popularity, all you have to do is get the watermarked preview image and drop it into TinEye and you'll typically find a bunch of un-watermarked copies on various other sites out there. In fact, there is a Chrome plugin that will add TinEye search to your right-click menu for even more convenience.

    Google also offers a similar reverse image search function as well. Just jump over to "Images" on Google's main search page, then paste in the URL of the image you are looking for. The kicker is, I have a hunch that Google is somehow able to distinguish if an image has a watermark on it, and if so, only return other smaller sized copies of the image with the watermark. Similarly, I've been disappointed with many of the results TinEye was returning since a lot of them are generally low resolution and small size these days (perhaps they are becoming more aware of people abusing their service like this).

    However, I've noticed that if you use both services together, you can coax Google into finding many more high resolution, watermark free copies of the images you are looking for. Just take the watermarked preview image, and drop it into Tineye. Look for a watermark free version on there, and then take that image URL and drop it into Google Image search - viola! ;-)

    Almost every time I use this two step method, Google returns far more results and at much higher resolutions than either service alone was returning.
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