TIKTOK ads thresold methode

They closed, because you was not permitted to sell anything without Jr.VIP. Even via PM.
Your journey was self-promotion, where people PMed to you to sell them method and get around Jr.VIP and BST requirement.
That's why I don't trust you and your opinions around threshold accounts.
You are just lucky, you was not erased from forum by this moderator.
Yes, I was informed of this by the forum administration, and I thanked him for that because I did not know that. It was done and you are free to trust me or not. I don't care
brothers, if someone finds the new tik tok threshold method, just share the new, don't share the method, just share the news that the method still working
hello friends so here it is i didn't really know how to exploit the tiktok threshold method to earn some dollars and it's useless to keep it for myself so i decided to share it with you

it's not complicated
1 buy proxy on iproyal
2 open proxy on gologine in spain. you can try other countries. avoid uk
3.i register on tiktok ads with (thumbmail) it only works with thumbmail because i think it's a professional email address.
4. in the payment section I link tiktok with paypal (on paypal I add my vcc wise) and with the same paypal I create 3 to 4 accounts. if you have other vcc like revolut or other it's fine.
5. after adding your paypal we give you 5euro threshold and after 24 hours or less you will have 50euro in your account

that's all i hope it works out for you good luck.

sorry for my writing; I don't have a strong command of English. I am Moroccan and speak French more fluently, but I know that not all Moroccans are like me hahahaha
Hey khouya, does the method still work for you?
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