[TIK TOK] Follow Limits & Returned Engagement


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Aug 6, 2019
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What is your result so far? :)
I created another account on the same phone on the same ip and i seeem to get fewer views now.
Yeah this will lead to shadow ban, did this happen to you?

Can one drive blog traffic from ticktok?
Yes, if you redirect the traffic through instagram and YouTube, and when you build a decent size Audience, tik tok is now allowing links in bio for those specific users (expanding rapidly)

Currently i am following over 6000+ people in tiktok :p
I believe the cap is 10,000 , have you reached it yet?
And what's your follow back ratio, mine is 50% and I've followed 4k people

I’ve been in Tik Tok for 3 months on automation. Guys have long had software for promoting accounts. Even there are online services where you simply insert an account and after a month you have 10k subscribers. I'm shocked how do you work with 100-200 accounts with your hands? Everything is googled.

I'm skeptical of random google software sometimes.
Can you share the name (s)?


Nov 16, 2020
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Below you'll see a random, newbie tik tok user who has an easy 1/3 follow back ratio or better, with tons of engagement on a (maybe even a viral) low quality video
(It's not my account, but it's the highest "following" I've seen so far)

Twitter limit: 5,000 on most accounts

Instagram limit: 7,500 on all accounts

Tik Tok limit: 10,000 on accounts (maybe more)

I've seen somewhere in a thread somebody mentioning "you can't follow more than 2,000 people"

And I only follow 2,400 people,

So this might offer alot of insight!
Let me know if you have any questions about tik tok monetization with links / growth!
my account actually follows 10k people .its @red.crewmate44 find me