Tiered Link Building Questions using GSA.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by camuk, Nov 14, 2012.

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    I've made a lot of tier ones, but not in a day. I've spread them out over a few months and they've all been indexed naturally. They are all high quality hand written content and include web 2.0s, doc sharing sites, videos, articles, social bookmarks from high PR sites. They all got different user names, different content, diverse links, diverse platforms, diverse website, etc. etc. and most are now indexed and it's increased my rankings to the second page from page 10. Not bad. But now I'm doing tier 2s, 3s etc. and have a few questions.

    I'm going to use GSA Search Engine Ranker for the sheer amount of diversity on the tiers. I'm going to use different keywords for each tier 2 including a long list of generic keywords that I've collated. So again, lots of diversity from anchor text and links.

    So I'm only going to use GSA to link make tier 2 links relatively decent links to my tier 1s, I'm going for Articles/Wikis, doc sharing, social networks, videos and web 2.0s. I'm going to do the same for tier 3, but include microblogs and social bookmarks. For tier 4, I was going to include spammier links like forums and index comments and finally tier 5 blast the hell out of the tier 4s with blog comments and guestbooks. And make sure I change each tiered job up a little and not use the same platforms for each.

    I was going to limit tier 2s to 50 verified links per day to 1 tier 1. So with 20 tier 1s that's 1000 per day. 100 verified links = tier 2, 200 = tier 3, 500 tier 4 and as many as possible in one day for tier 5. Or even just blast AA lists with scrapebox and guestbooks with xrumer as that will be quicker than gsa.

    I'm not going to use the indexer for any tiers. The links should all get picked up over time, especially with blasting tier 5.

    I think this should really work well. But I have a few questions:

    1. Is it OK to use unreadable scraped but highly spun content on tier 2s? Because I was going to use one new article for each tier 1. But with 100 of them, it will take some time to spin them manually and I hate spinning!

    2. Should it all go wrong, can I just delete the tier 1 links or change them so they're not pointing at my money site and the money site will be restored to normal. Or is it once sandboxed, forever sandboxed?

    3. After doing a lot of research, I think that this method, especially if I use a lot of link and anchor and content diversity in all the tiers, will work well and my site shouldn't be sandboxed. I would like this site to be around for a while. What do you think?

    This is my first venture into a greyish hat backlinking strategy. In the past I've gone for blasting the hell out of your money site and starting all over again once it's made a few bucks and gets sandboxed. Usually with web 2.0s and other free hosting.

    Please advise. Thanks.