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Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by okuma31, Mar 3, 2010.

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    I've recently built my first link wheel and have run into a few questions I'd be grateful if those of you more experienced than I can help answer.

    1) I've noticed several people recommend using wetpaint, xanga, and several other web 2.0 properties that have recently come to my attention use only nofollow attributes. My question is because the properties are nofollow will the link juice be slightly negated from spoke to spoke, or is there a factor I've someone missed out on my forum research?

    2) My second question has to deal with ways to promote the spokes you create in you link wheel. How do you guys typically go about building links to these properties, or better yet what have you found most effective, social bookmarking, comment spam via Scrapebox or a combination of this and some other method?

    Thanks for any help in advance and best wishes,

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    1) it will be less powerful so I think maybe you want to focus less on it?

    2) I 'm using senuke to create the linkwheels and bookmark it. Seem the best and you can create 8-10 linkwheels with senuke if you are fast.