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Tier link building newbie

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by braindebug, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. braindebug

    braindebug Junior Member

    Mar 7, 2014
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    Hello to the blackhatworld forum. I am totally new to IM and this forum has been my main source of info. There is incredible stuff in here.
    Sorry if my English are a little off but i am not a native speaker.
    Ok, on with my question now. I have read a lot of stuff about link building and i have come up with a plan that i would loveto hear your thoughts on it.
    1. Find 5-10 niche i have interest in.
    2. Create 15-20 web 2.0 properies for each one. Write 15-20 GOOD articles, respin them untill i have 3-5 articles on each property.
    3. Blast them with social signals, bookmars, videos etc
    4. While i create the backlinks of the web 2.0s i will try to find some good aged domains (2-3) for each niche.
    5. I will then focus on adding unique content on each of them and slowly buld links from my web 2.0s
    6. I will then do Keyword research to build 1 authority site for each niche and focus on writing exciting content for each one while i link to it from my best performing web 2.0s and aged domains.
    7. Start making money :p

    Ok i know its a lot work and this plan could take me several months to execute. But i want to know if it is any good of a plan or if i should start the other way around?
    I came up with this because i thought that this way i could end up having my own private network and i could exercise my web designing skills and english :)
    Thanks in advance for your answers.