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    Starting to do some seo on my money site using tier link building. I'm completely newbie and this will be my first try on doing seo.

    I'm planning to do 10 article directly pointing to my money site with my main keyword as an anchor text. This will be my tier 1 links together with some social signals.

    I'm also planning on writing another articles and spun it for my tier 2 and then give 10 article pointing to each of the 10 tier 1 article. So there will 100 tier 2 links pointing to the 10 tier 1 links.

    Does tier 2 anchor text pointing to tier 1 link play a significant role here?

    And also about tier 1 link, is it advisable to add some link pointing to other site like the wiki page other than my money site?

    And what is OBL? I've read this a couple of times but I dont really have a clue on what it is.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes Tier 2 does play a significant role. If you use another anchor text for tier 2 your website rank will improve for that keyword.

    As for tier 1 link, I haven't really tried using pointing another link to other site so I can't comment on that.

    OBL is OutBound Link. For example if you are going to get a blog comment link, it's a lot better to get a link from a blog that has less than 100 OBL than a blog with 8,000 OBL. The OBL there would be the other blog comments.
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