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May 19, 2015
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Launching a spot may be a Media Buyer?s toughest decision.

How do you choose? How do you create a strategy, adapting to each website?

To help you decide, I?m gonna tell you about three spots Media Buyers love to use. They?re all different and, by knowing how and when to use them, you?ll be able to understand what sort of mobile spots your campaign should go for.

1. Popunder- This is kind of a risky spot because people tend to close the window before the offer even appears. Moreover, the fact that the flow is really simple and clear makes this one of the costliest spots of all. Basically, users will be redirected to your landing page on the pop rather than on the banners (when the user needs to click the banner so see the LP). My advice? Make sure you adjust your capping volume and also try never forgetting what is the minimum bid of the country in which you?re promoting. That?s how you keep tabs on both your expenditures and traffic volumes.

2. Redirection- Very expensive stuff. Why? Because this flow is direct, making sure users have to see the offer: after visiting a page the user is redirected to an offer. The con is obvious: the user can easily close the window or ignore the new page that?s been opened.

3. Text/Keywords- This is something you definitely won?t find on all adnetworks. This sort of spot usually has great returns even though the competition is fierce. What is the crucial thing you must have? A valuable CTR banner content. Always try using words that you know will ?catch? the viewer?s gaze. Remember: this kind of ad appears when a user happens to type the ?keywords? you select for your campaigns.

Hope you try playing with these three different ad spots.

Don?t forget about the key to Media Buy activity: try, mix, change and optimize in order to understand what works best and what makes you earn more paper!

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