Thoughts on Net Neutrality and the new FCC rules?

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    So as many of you may have already heard, there is new rules proposed by the FCC when it comes to ISPs and the ability to make deals with companies, like Facebook or Google, to pay for better service. I'm not going to get into all the details here and I'm not sure if I can post a link, but if you Google "Net Neutrality" in the past 24 hours you can find all the details.

    So for the most part every site and the comments on those sites mainly have a mentality of "The sky is falling", which it may be true, but I'm not seeing any counter arguments as to why this is 100% bad. So I'm wondering what are everyone's thoughts on here about the new rules and the death of Net Neutrality? Is it all gloom and doom? Of course, not just how will this affect the internet as a whole, but do you see this affecting IM and what we do here in anyway?

    Of course I know not everyone on here is from the US, so this doesn't affect everyone on this site, but thoughts from people outside the US is still welcomed.
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    We're doomed, doomed I tell ya
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    This is where consumer sentiment needs to come to mind.

    Let's use Facebook or Netflix as an example. They need to make it public how much each ISP/Backbone provider, etc is trying to make them pay so the consumers can push back on it. If the lack of net neutrality is going to make my prices go up for ANYTHING I am more than willing to call up my ISP and tell them I'm dumping them if they charge Netflix more.