Thoughts on exposing IG techniques to the general public via BHW

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by gam33, Dec 10, 2014.

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    Hey guys

    I think it's quite evident that it's becoming increasingly more difficult to hone particular methods to run up IG accounts.

    Obviously IG is a massive social media network.. and having the backing of the facebook security team, it's only logical that they will protect their 1 billion dollar investment and seek to build it in a way best fit for them.

    Although it's obviously great that there is a community that allows for everyone to connect and discuss ways to improve, it could be massively net negative for our overall efforts. It would be naive to think that instagram doesn't utilize all of it's resources, including this exact channel for exploitative discussion, to improve it's security and protect their network from exactly what we are trying to accomplish here. (Hi IG!)

    Although I can't offer solutions, I just wanted to hear the communities thoughts on this ongoing open discussion we have going here. If you owned IG, wouldn't this be the first place you'd research to refine your companies security? I'd imagine so..

    Also, how much do we really benefit from diluting our efforts by inviting amateurs to freely share in the trials and tribulations from aged veterans? I don't mean to contradict myself, as I've gained tons of value from BHW.. but something seems to be off here.

    It's clear from when I first started following this section that it's become more heavily populated with well documented and clear methods. I assume this is only going to continue in it's trajectory, with people divulging specific strategies that IG can easily then write counter algorithms for.

    I assume I am not the first person to think about this, and the evolution of information is the natural progression in any high niche market.. but it's seemingly long term net negative for the entire community as a whole. I may be wrong..

    Again, I don't have solutions. Just wanted to gage thoughts.
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    Inside your head
    Yes, you have a point?

    But have any Instagram methods been shared here that the engineers at Facebook really couldn't figure out themselves? Autoliking and following, I'm sure they thought of that. With Instagram there are no "super secret loopholes", at least that I know of. It's a simple strategy, like growing other social media accounts, so unless you've found a way to bypass limits or blocks or something of that nature. Sharing your experiences aren't really going to alert those engineers of anything they didn't already know...
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    I agree as well. If your method doesn't involve exploiting IG in a way that bypasses its API limit then go ahead and share it. Otherwise, sensitive information like that can be patched within a week or so if it's openly available to the public.
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    I have thought about this and he has a point.
    Sure ig knows what's going on with all methods, but when it gets way out there as a come up to the general public, that's when they start having to thing about the bigger picture.
    If a lesser known method (or any method for that matter) gets posted and the thread blows up and everyone starts doing it, instagram is much more likely to shut that method down and all the users engaging in it.