Thoughts on Amazon SES and Sendy emailing service?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Ghoro, Oct 12, 2014.

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    I have been searching now for a while trying to find the best auto responder and emailing service for me to build up email lists. I plan on abiding by all rules, including CAN-SPAM and only emailing list I build through opt-ins. However I plan on mainly doing affiliate marketing, so things like MailChimp is out of the question as well as just being very expensive compared to the other options if you build a huge list, same with AWeber.

    So after searching these boards the one that looks the best so far is Amazon SES with Sendy and while I have seen people here and there recommend it, I haven?t really seen people's over all thoughts on it and basically I don?t know too much about it. So what are the negatives, if any, compared to something like AWeber or running my own SMTP on a VPS and what are the things I need to watch out for when using Amazon SES? Even with trying to be 100% legit could you still easily get banned?

    Even though Amazon SES is vastly cheaper than both AWeber and MailChimp, I still see most people recommend them both the most here on BHW, is there some advantage to both I don?t know about or is it just that those are the big names everyone knows?