Thoughts on a possible new method - Free hosting and content gateway

Discussion in 'CPA' started by jamesau, Jan 2, 2010.

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    Looking for thoughts on a new CPA method I thought of. I would have implemented it and done it myself already but its a bit of going out of my way and especially around Xmas/New Years I just didn't have time yet.

    Why I thought of this method?
    It came to me that due to the massive flood of 'Visit this website for _____' spam on YouTube and websites alike which ALL redirect to a content gateway is simply not enough anymore. Users just exit out of the page search Google until they find a website with the same deal without a gateway (for example TV shows & Movies is a major example of this).
    They don't have anything 'riding' on completing the offer per se.
    So we need something that they are a stakeholder in and a REASON for them to complete the offer.

    The Method
    -> Create a Free Webhost via a reseller account or dedicated server. Offer a package really really great, eg
    1 Page Sign Up, 30GB Disk Space, 30GB BW, cPanel and 1 free domain if you stay for us for X months, NO ADVERTISEMENTS

    -> Advertise the hell out of it on YouTube and top sites everywhere where you think hosting 'noobs' would go. Your highest value new client signups would be gaming clans or forums.

    -> Wait until you get like 1000+ new sign ups and leave it for a few weeks or even a few months. Let people create websites on there and start linking to their websites. You will start getting many unique hits per day.

    Monetizing It

    Suddenly one day after you are getting enough hits, force a content gateway on absolutely every page you have, including cPanel pages and webmail pages. Turn off the FTP and only allow them to go through cPanel FTP. Now anyone who wants to get to THEIR website must complete an offer and anyone of their users who visits their webpage MUST complete an offer. The whole system is shut down until they complete an offer.

    They now have major stuff RIDING on it. They can't even get their files out until they complete one.

    Rinse and Repeat
    Either stop the gateway for a few days and post up messages saying stuff like 'Oh sorry someone hacked our system, it won't happen again' You will loose many clients but still probably get them a few more times if they are unintelligent or lazy. Or just keep making new hosts with the same method.
    Every host should only last a few months max, then you could even leave the address' up but all just redirecting to a content page you will still get people coming from backlinks.

    If you like this method please Thank me, or if you really want to do this method but don't know anything about the hosting business I would love to talk to you and possibly do a JV if I don't already have it up soon.
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    Great Original Thinking! Apart from pissing people off etc you could make some serious $$ with this one
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    This is a job?
    In the light :)

    Long time to wait until it turns into $$$..hope yr a patient guy.:playball:

    Suggest you wait for a competition THEN strike! Mah ha haw. *Ca-ching*