those who bought ebay accounts, pls comment

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    There are threads here where ppl are buying ebay paypal epns ids like hotcakes....

    Is the purpose to use these accts as disposables, ie use a few times and ditch them..

    ----part 1 issue-------

    I have a need to buy ebay accts, their useful timespan maybe couple of months for auction selling, before vero catches up.

    So should I get a pair (ebay/paypal) both registered in same country (via IP) ?

    If I get ebay id from country a, paypal (mine) from country b, and login ebay to sell from country c,
    has anyone done this, and what is the outcome, where
    is/are the trigger(S)?

    I have tried ebay/ppay from country a, login from country b, and trigger is ebay verify id via ph, once verified its cool. Proviso, u clean or reinstall your system afresh, opps verify trigger again!

    Has anyone tried ref-b?
    Or anyone tried ref-b but link to a fresh new ppal id.

    ---- part 2 issue-----

    Next topic is proxy via static IP.
    Some proxy filters cookies etc, so if one
    bought ebay/ppal ids and proxy login
    into them, for auction selling over couple
    of months, will it trigger ebay verify or
    flag situations.

    The proxy company will say they let through cookies
    etc, but i think ebay/ppal has other temp files gif files
    all over to store in your computer, clean them endanger multiple triggers to verify again!


    So those who bought many many ids, dont get these issues, am I missing something?


    Any comments or input much appreciated,
    thanks in adv.
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    i want the Answer as well ;)