This weekend sucked ! almost NO sales at all


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Jul 8, 2009
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HEllllooo USA, whats up over there, nobody online anymore to buy something online???

wanna stay fat forever ???
Lol.. Americans are busy gorging themselves during the Labor Day holiday.
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my sites too (us target) are getting 50% less traffic
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Yes, its terrible ! I was worrying all weekend and kept checking on site rankings + these and that factors.. nothing changed..i even chewed my nails off and was making plans how to keep on living without income.. until i saw a message on yahoo news about "crazy labour day sales" That must be it !!
It's a holiday and in many places around the country school starts tomorrow.

Parents are doing last minute school shopping or taking their children to college which means they were on the road.

Also college football started meaning people were probably watching that or going to the local games.

Relax. :D
Any major Us Holiday Sales are gonna fall like crazy. It's a trend I see every year. even weekends for myself My sales go down by 50%.

Just wait till tues still might be kinda slow though with parents buying school supplies.
Yeah this weekend has sucked sales wise and now I am braced for a weak monday due to the holiday.
Its been said but we are all eating at cook outs or getting kids ready for school. In my area school started a month ago, but for my other friends their kids start tomorrow. That means less time for surfing.
My sales actually have been pretty good.

Personally, I have not been effected at all
Labor day is over and im still seeing sales that are in the "SUCK" range. Tons of clicks but nobody buying? WTF!
People are on vacation and/or shopping for back to school. I was out at the mall and it was PACKED. Relax, things will pick up :D
I agree. Mine have been down for the past three days as well. Most of the time, weekends are good. But Sara is right, vacation, long weekend, school, etc. People are away from their computer.

Here's to Tuesday!
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