This morning's RATTLESNAKE

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by LiXXX, Jun 18, 2011.

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    May 24, 2011
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    at the keyboard
    So I'm up this morning going through BHW, drinking coffee and
    downloading some new "educational material"....

    I start a new download and step outside to smoke...

    Come back in, sit down and hear a RATTLESNAKE coming from
    somewhere around my desk...

    OMG- I jump back, coffee goes everywhere, heart pounding- going for the .22

    And then I hear laughing, and someone talking.... so I stay to investigate...

    Heart still racing- I start looking around...

    Under the desk- nothing

    Around the desk- nothing

    Finally I hear it again- coming from the speakers...

    It was a fucking pop under ad on a download site with a kid with some
    toy in his mouth and the dad laughing....

    It was a freaking ad!!!!

    It sounded just like a rattlesnake!

    Good god anyway- at least I'm awake!

    And I didn't blow a hole in the computer...

    In my defense- I live in a place very well known for rattlesnakes- we've
    killed 13 of them within 50 ft of our house this year. Never had one in the
    house but I was certain that was the case this morning!
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    Not a nicest wake up "method" but it's wake up method alright. :)

    I hate pop under ads and any type of ads that plays ANY kind of sound without me clicking a button first... That's just awful. Like those smiley banners, we've all seen them that say "Oh no! Go away!" or something... I just HATE that stuff... That's not advertising method, that's just annoying.
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    DUDE if there was a rattle snake underneath you the dumbest thing to do - would be to jump up - you would have got bitten for sure - the point is to stay still - so it thinks you are not a threat .LOL