This is so messed up..sickening


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Dec 21, 2009
Makes me sick to know that there are people like this out there. I hate little punks like this.

Just saw it on the news. The two teens have been charged.

If you check on MSNBC, they have the full video, and at the end, one of the punks says "come here let me give you a hug", and the homeless guy comes forward to hug him..and then the punk knees him in the stomach. This shit makes furious. Poor old man.
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It comes down to raising a child to respect every life. Monsters like that aren't born that way. That's sad.
Asshol* little punks. I have no problem with homeless people except for when they try to talk to you when they're begging. I'm trying to carry on with my day and I don't need someone yelling and screaming at me because we didn't give him money. Me and my dad were coming back from hunting with shotguns in the car and my dad almost blew his top xD (no I don't mean he almost shot him, I mean he almost got out of the car to yell at him) The guy was yelling at us and swearing calling us every cuss word under the sun. Cops took car of him :)
It all comes down to parenting. Many parents these days have no idea whatsoever on how to raise a child properly, and it's growing more and more evident in America's failing education and social system.
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Why did they do this?!

The poor man didn't do anything, he didn't cause trouble yet they did this to him. So messed up.
yea that is pretty fucked up. i'd take pleasure in curb stomping those little pricks..
I remember when I lived on the street many homeless guys carry little revolvers and pistols they could have easily been shot And disposed of

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A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal club used to hit the balls of Sick Assholes like these.

i want to fix Baseball Bat up into their asses
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