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    I know this section is only for buy/sell thread. But I have to post this here because my issue is related with buy/sell service. (I changed my mind and post it this section) Yesterday I ordered a seo service from an op. See the service:

    I ordered for a review package which worth is only 5$. I sent the payment with paypal and also sent him transaction id. He also confirmed my order. But today when I wake from sleep I log in here I see he sent me this message:


    FAILED: These sales have been determined to be fraudulent, and have already been canceled, no further action is necessary.
    Order ID 4946558016.

    Proved In Screen Shoot Also...

    Don't do fraud transaction from paypal.

    Thank you

    I replied for the occurrence but I think he is offline now. I have the 2checkout order receipt and also got order receipt from paypal with full details. So how can he say I make a fraud transaction? I am with bhw for 6 months and I purchased some seo service previously. But this experience is really new for me. I don't understand how 2checkout decline my transaction after receive the payment?

    Any suggestion now what can I do? I know this is a cheap service but it doesn't make any sense. I am not a fraud here.
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    As you got to sleep he probably have done the same, so wait to get an answer for him and see what happen.

    Second you should discuss this with paypal or 2checkout and see what they happen.

    You must consider that we are not talking about online support here... so instead of jumping and opening a thread here you should first discuss this with your seller and you payment company... but as I said... we are talking about different time zone here so be a have a little patience
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