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    Basically from my experience of being an internet marketer I've came across many different techniques to making money, I found that the most common ones involve making blogs, youtube videos, ebooks, etc.

    Now many people come crying to me after I tell them to use youtube as their source of income, youtubes great, but the one downfall is when you want to create a video, it begins to pickup traffic and youtube take it offline because its infringing someone's copyright. I mean it's happened to me for the stupidest reasons, and I can probably say I've lost quite abit of money because of it.

    Another thing you should also consider is when you create a blog, you need images in your blog otherwise it's going to look blank and empty and potentially will make you lose traffic as well as money, you need to find a source of images you can use for free, without infringing the users copyright. The simple fact is using google images doesn't guarantee you are legally allowed to use the images provided, infact 9 times out of 10 you aren't!

    Unfortunately if you're looking into becoming a full time internet marketer you need to avoid these problems and that's where Kozzi comes into play, I just thought that most users are looking to expand into legit online businesses, whether it be micro blogs, promoting affiliates, video marketing, etc you need a source of free images that you are legally allowed to use. Thanks to Kozzi you can get free stock photos without any problems, anyway here's the website
    Just looking to help out my fellow marketers, good luck brothers! :)
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    That's low Dave, redirecting us to an offer site... I expect better from you brother... :(