This guy scamming me?


May 7, 2014
I have received my first ever negative feedback. I'm annoyed, but the point of this is that I did not have a tracking number to add to my listing as the seller I bought the item from did not provide one. The buyer told me quite late on that he had not received his parcel, leaving negative feedback before even messaging me about it. He has been joined on ebay since 2011, yet has only just bought an item now?? on his profile, it also says that he is based in Malta, yet has bought an item to be delivered in the UK. I have sold a few of this item so it's unusual to me that he would have not received it. I'm suspicious that he has the item and is asking for a full refund on top of this However since there is no tracking number, I think I have no option other than give him the refund. I have the option to report the negative feedback, but I can't prove that he has the item either, so is a refund my only option here?

Thanks for the reply, it does seem very suspicious to me. However, I am not sure how I can defend my case since I did not have a tracking number or can prove that he does not have the item.
Always ship products that can be tracked to the buyer. I think this is a lesson OP, take it and prosper. We all pay for our mistakes and learning is what you're really paying for. Good luck..

Yes I agree, I realised right away my mistake, and that is to make sure I have tracking for every item. That makes me wonder though, how could I be so sure that my sellers on Amazon send all parcels with available tracking, there must be a way to ensure that. Unless I was to message them first.
So before I go ahead and report a buyer for leaving me negative feedback before messaging me, is it possible to get the negative feedback removed by doing this? it seems unfair to me that he did not give me a chance.
I've had this a couple of times. Just file a complaint with ebay. Sometimes its subject to who you get at ebay as to whether they will help you.
I would just return the money and learn from your mistakes and get a tracking number next time.
I've had this a couple of times. Just file a complaint with ebay. Sometimes its subject to who you get at ebay as to whether they will help you.

Thanks, do you think it would be too forward saying to ebay " Buyer left negative feedback before messaging me. I also suspect that he received item but claims he did not, is it possible to have the negative feedback revoked? "
The smart thing to do is to just refund his money and next time use tracking number or make your "personal insurance" by setting aside a portion of you net profit that will cover you from cases like this. for example if your product cost $100 and your Net profit (after all fees and product cost) is $10, and about 1 of every 51 buyers leave negative feedback, the amount of your insurance would be $1.8-$2.
If you choose to contact ebay, you should know that ebay allow to change 5 out of every 1000 feedbacks, and even with this option, if the buyer ignore the request, ebay will leave the negative feedback as it is.

By the way, you may say buyer left a negative feedback before contacting you and trying to resolve this matter, but saying he asked to ship the package to other destination seems pointless.

Good luck.
Many times eBay rules in the favor of the buyer, always use tracking numbers and anything valued over $100 use delivery signature. There are those shady buyers who will try and get there $6 back....
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