This forum and attemping SEO makes me feel stupid !

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BobertoVaggio, Jun 9, 2012.

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    since joining up to this forum i have been trying to read as much as possible on ways to make money, spending hours trying to figure everything out in my head, Iv been attemping to create a website with download links and a content lock like JohnsonDaniels method

    i cant understand how i can be struggling so much with the noob friendly stuff.... if anyone could give me some tips of things to read/view to help with basic HTML coding, content locking an image such as a download button etc and how to add in offers from my ******* account i would greatly appreciate it

    Thanks in advance :D
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    Here's a tip. Don't open threads like this.

    If you think that this forum is making you stupid you probably are. This whole forum is basically a hand out, you get all the info many of us have spent years acquiring for free and the only thing you have to do is read a few threads and you can start making money in a week and you still want more help, well you're not getting any from me or anyone else in their right mind!

    Everyone who is here, including the owners was once in your position, except many of us didn't have the luxury of having almost everything you need to know at one place, we had to figure it out ourselves.
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    YOU JUST JOINED JUNE 2012...when you have been here for at least 6 months then you might have something to say. Till then you should really just check out what BHW has to offer, a lot of stickies are out here just to help people like you.

    Good Luck
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