This dumb scammer funkienz scammed for $150

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    Ok so this guy was suppose too pay me money on the 30th because I was jv with him to make money through a offline method that he said was working selling hosting. Now I took his offer because he said he can guarantee the money and this how he pays his bills. Now he doesn't show up online acting like he doesn't know whats up. He also showed up to say he was going to pay me and then never payed and now he is missing.

    [2012/05/09 4:19:56 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: jane really gave me hope i could get the investment but i think you have the right for the last word
    [2012/05/09 4:22:31 AM] Charles: i do well i tell you what its hard to tell since your in another counrty how reliable you are but i will make deciosin tomorrow when i wake what i want to do i will do little thinking
    [2012/05/09 4:23:02 AM] Charles: remember as long as do right by me you can continually get an investment
    [2012/05/09 4:23:24 AM] Charles: is that simple did u have a deadline when u need it
    [2012/05/09 4:24:31 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: well i thought it would get this day before yesterday but Not really
    [2012/05/09 4:27:58 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: specially i didn't really think it would be such complicated as i had to discuss with him so much about this and still i have to discuss with you details more. any way, credit to you because you are investing but i must say as i was disappointed at the end. i needed the funds before but i had to stick with but Nothing yet. I will wait for you but at the time i will also try to get if i get other opportunity. I hard feelings but i must need to find something from some one that will give me some oportunities .
    [2012/05/09 4:29:21 AM] Charles: oh
    [2012/05/09 4:29:38 AM] Charles: what opportunity
    [2012/05/09 4:56:11 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: sorry i was away
    [2012/05/09 4:56:31 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i mean oportunities to make the money. Oportunites to get some investment
    [2012/05/09 3:56:08 PM] Charles: oh
    [2012/05/10 3:42:32 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Charles, Can you just inform me when you send me the money plz
    [2012/05/10 4:09:21 AM] Amin N. Tonmoy: you there?
    [2012/05/10 4:04:56 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: You There?
    [2012/05/10 6:56:40 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i know those msgs are being read by you ( skype ball indicates unread/read) . I will appriciate if you kindaly tell you , Have you changed your mind?
    [2012/05/11 5:01:24 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: hello!
    [2012/05/11 5:01:49 PM] Charles: hey man
    [2012/05/11 5:02:33 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Never mind mate. its been 48+ Hours that you said you would give me 150$ but Never heard after that Day. I thought you really Mean it Bro.
    [2012/05/11 5:03:10 PM] Charles: did u recieve the money yet
    [2012/05/11 5:03:36 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: LOL
    [2012/05/11 5:03:44 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Have you Got Who i'm?
    [2012/05/11 5:04:10 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: How could i receive if you haven't send me yet
    [2012/05/11 5:06:56 PM] Charles: hey amin could i send it now if u still need
    [2012/05/11 5:07:34 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: yes bro. about 48 hours ago i gave you the pp mail but waiting and waitng..i would really appriciate if you do this asap
    [2012/05/11 5:07:41 PM] Charles: ok
    [2012/05/11 5:14:34 PM] Charles: hey do you still need just resend paypal
    [2012/05/11 5:15:04 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: have you sent it?
    [2012/05/11 5:15:12 PM] Charles: i need ppp
    [2012/05/11 5:15:18 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: its [email protected]
    [2012/05/11 5:16:10 PM] Charles: now i have to ask u when can you deliver the profits back if you recieve money today
    [2012/05/11 5:17:22 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: I think We discuss this more than 3 times Dude. I will deliver the actual amount + Profit within the 3 weeks i receive this if i receive this Today. i will Back within 3 weeks from Today.
    [2012/05/11 5:18:16 PM] Charles: 21 days
    [2012/05/11 5:18:25 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Yes!
    [2012/05/11 5:18:48 PM] Charles: ok bro my head hurt before so i couldnt understand before
    [2012/05/11 5:19:02 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: no problem
    [2012/05/11 5:19:24 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: actually i'm Glad you finally responded me because last two days i haven't got much response fromyou. you may see your history
    [2012/05/11 5:20:29 PM] Charles: oh
    [2012/05/11 5:27:03 PM] Charles: ok i will send now in not paying fees is that problem
    [2012/05/11 5:28:10 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Bro, you will pay exactly 150$ . and i think i will pay exactly 300$. is that Ok bro? None of us will take care of the fees. That will be ok for both terms
    [2012/05/11 5:28:36 PM] Charles: ok fine
    [2012/05/11 5:50:34 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: HELLO?
    [2012/05/11 5:51:02 PM] Charles: hey im going to send mone i need to verify something first
    [2012/05/11 5:52:25 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i am so embarassed to knock you a so much time. any way. i am not gonna pm you any more. its up to you bro. Have a lovely day
    [2012/05/11 5:54:09 PM] Charles: bro dont worry u will get money
    [2012/05/11 5:54:30 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: hahha i am worrying bro
    [2012/05/11 5:54:33 PM] Charles: hold give 2 min
    [2012/05/11 5:54:41 PM] Charles: you will have it
    [2012/05/11 5:55:21 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: its just when i expect. its been 2 days i waited. now you said you sending..i thought you are going to do this soon but 40 mins nothing so i just stop expecting . No offense bro. just i expected but you have your way.
    [2012/05/11 6:25:50 PM] Charles: u here
    [2012/05/11 6:26:39 PM] Charles: u here
    [2012/05/11 6:31:12 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: yes?
    [2012/05/11 6:34:49 PM] Charles: can u check ur paypal
    [2012/05/11 6:35:31 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: have you sent it?
    [2012/05/11 6:35:43 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: if yes, please give me the transaction ID
    [2012/05/11 6:36:06 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: obvioulsyi can check it but i haven't received any mail from paypal confirmation that i got paid
    [2012/05/11 6:36:21 PM] Charles: oh
    [2012/05/11 6:36:38 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: just give me the transaction ID
    [2012/05/11 6:37:01 PM] Charles: can u check ur paypal
    [2012/05/11 6:38:34 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: yes i can check my paypal
    [2012/05/11 6:39:09 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i don't see any payment received yet
    [2012/05/11 6:40:27 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: yesss!
    [2012/05/11 6:40:40 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: I got 150$ from Charles kidd
    [2012/05/11 6:40:43 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i think its you
    [2012/05/11 6:41:06 PM] Charles: or you can Call me Dr. Sinister
    [2012/05/11 6:42:00 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Ok bro ! it was a long process but i am happy it was DONE finally. worth waiting
    [2012/05/11 6:42:11 PM] Charles: fine
    [2012/05/11 6:44:42 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Thanks but just for some moment i thought you are not going to do this.
    [2012/05/11 6:45:11 PM] Charles: yea i get that alot
    [2012/05/11 7:11:15 PM] Charles: due date May 31
    [2012/05/11 7:11:32 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: ok np
    [2012/05/11 7:11:38 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: i will update you every week
    [2012/05/11 7:11:56 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: but remember , you will Get 300$ ( i will not handle any of pp fees)
    [2012/05/30 2:49:59 PM] Charles: hey
    [2012/05/30 2:51:14 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: Hi
    [2012/05/30 2:51:48 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: I know today is you You will get it
    [2012/05/30 2:52:02 PM] Charles: do u think we can go long term
    [2012/05/30 2:53:33 PM] Amin N. Tonmoy: First let me back the 300$ then we will discuss. I have got a better way.... I will test it myself how much i can make

    Then hes gone and never comes online. Please ban him is not right to take money and vanish. His name on here is funkienz he needs to be removed.
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    If something is too good to be true, well you know, it probably is. Don't be naive. As if somebody else would double YOUR money for you, when they can double their own.

    But if he has scammed you, then, shame on him! Nobody likes a scammer.
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    I hope he has been banned!
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    i feel you,, ban him for scamming other member
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    You called the scammer 'dumb' yet your down $150. Treat everyone as a scammer and trust no one, period.