Thinking about ebook monetization, to be or not to be?

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    May 29, 2015
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    Ok I'm a fairly decent writer, just not very quick. I have done some odesk work, enough to take about a 2 month break from it, and was thinking "I wonder how much people are making from my work?". Maybe it's time I made more. A passive income, instead of a one time sale per article. This brings me to my questions.

    Should I write a novel in a certain niche, focus on short stories, hire out creative writing and edit it all into an anthology of sorts, go the erotica route and just pump out 2 or 3 shorts a day or just hire all of them out?

    Any experience or tips would be nice, I've been researching it a bunch and these seem like the best options, this site has methods for each idea listed, just wanted some feedback on the current state of the ebook market, and if any of these ideas are even remotely plausible anymore.