Things that You Can Do Immediately to Get These Links

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    Connect with the ?leaders? in your business.

    When I first started building backlinks for websites, I remember finding the ?leaders? in my niche. I then started contacting them directly via their contact submission form.
    If you are tech savvy, you can easily do a domain whois search to grab their emails. It?s public info but some of them will have privacy whois settings.
    Some will reply, some won?t.
    It?s a tedious process, but done correctly, you?ll be able to get a backlink that you?re competitors will never get.
    Today, it?s a lot easier to connect with your influencers. There?s a lot of tools that you can use to reach out to them.
    Aside from using Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to connect with your demographic market you can also use this tool to build relationships and monitor them across all your social networks.

    Create Content for Opposing Parties.

    I?ve not originally thought of this idea but an example of a well written article on how this technique was used can be found here.
    Let?s say you offer Organic Lawn Care programs. The key is to create content that is against a commonly held belief and create controversy.
    In order for this to work and get earned links, you?ll need to invite both parties to read and comment on your content.You?ll need to promote your content to people who are die-hard fans of organic lawn care and people who are die-hard fans of the traditional methods of lawn care.

    Why does this work?

    Because people love to hold on to their beliefs. They would not simply change their beliefs because of one article.
    Some of them will retweet your post, mention your article or even blog about you, and this is one of the ways to build ?hard-to-get? backlinks to your website.