ThePowerSellersUnion deceived me

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    May 6, 2011
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    ThePowerSellersUnion deceived me in a indirect way. How? well because I thought id be able to use there suppliers as a 17 year old trying to make a living selling on sites such as ebay BUT that simply wont work.

    Heres why:

    ALL of there sites require you to have a Tax Id
    -I cant get one because you have to be 18

    Some of there sites require you to buy in large bulks
    -I surely cant buy in large bulks because I simply don't have enough money

    NEVERTHELESS they have some great suppliers that look pretty legit but until I can utilize them I guess I will be using FocalPrice and Dealextreme for now

    *I'm actually afraid to use dealextreme because I always hear bad things about em

    I paid $65 for that membership so I might as well use it for some good, SO if you would like to what kind of suppliers are listed on that site PM me and Ill be happy to help you out. I'm not gonna pm anyone so dont ask :p