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    Apr 13, 2012
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    Hi, as the title suggests I want an invite to

    I am willing to swap notes on the courses below, they are mostly PUA stuff which I don't use and am not into any more, much more interested in the other sections theplace has. Offer stands, these will save a lot of time to those of you who are interested :)

    ABC - Text to Sex
    Brent Smith - Bulletproof Banter
    James Marshall - Three Pillars of Seduction
    Adam Lyons - Breaking Rapport
    Adam Lyons - Complete System
    Adam Lyons - Qualification
    Bobby Rio - Amplify the Attraction
    Bobby Rio - Attraction Mastery
    Bobby Rio - Conversation Escalation
    Bobby Rio - Conversation Steroids
    Bobby Rio - Driven to Action
    Bobby Rio - Secrets of Sexualised Flirting
    Carlos Xuma - Alpha Conversation & Persuasion
    Carlos Xuma - Bad Boy Formula
    Carlos Xuma - Girlfriend Training Program
    Carlos Xuma - Talk to Women
    Cory Skyy - Lifestyle Training
    Gambler - Stealth Attraction
    Joshua Pellicer - Tao of Badass
    Julian Foxx - Stripper Shark
    Sinn - Breakthrough Comfort
    Sinn - Get Girls to Chase
    Vin di Carlo - 7 Ways to Get Her Addicted to You

    Including ebooks:
    60 Years of Challenge - All works
    Aaron Sleazy - Minimal Game
    Mark Manson - Models
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    PM me so we can talk the about the possibilities...
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    Aug 6, 2013
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    theplace is indeed a good place..