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    Hey there... Since no one has the time to read and study the themeforest Author Policy im going to post the answers of the test quiz before u start selling templates.

    Here it is hope it helps :)

    Who is responsible for testing files to make sure there are no errors? The Author
    If you'd like to use an asset within your file that someone else created and you're unsure whether you're allowed to, what should you do? Ask a lawyer or the asset's license holder
    What is most likely to happen if your file is visually unappealing? It will get rejected
    What should you do if another author has copied one of your files? Contact Envato support
    Who is responsible for copyright violations in submitted files? The Author
    What will happen if your submission does not include documentation? The item will be rejected
    Who decides how files are priced? The ThemeForest staff
    What will happen if your submission does not validate (excluding browser-specific CSS)? It will get rejected
    Your file must work properly in which browsers? All Major Browsers
    Which of the following would be an appropriate file title? CoPilot - WordPress and Tumblog Theme
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    Thank you :) +rep given