The XRumer Help Thread (Are You Really An Expert?)

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO Tools' started by lagrimas175, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I just started using xrumer... i got a few questions.

    1) made word count of 1102 based off of google external keyword tool, started parsing.. i switched servers every 9 minutes cause i heard if you do google more than 10 then they will kick you.

    2) i got 47108 links collected (428738 links filtered duplicated hosts). is this normal?? i feel like i should be getting more links collected than 5 digits... maybe 6?

    3) so in another test i did (unrelated to first 2 questions), i blasted off an ad to a bunch of forums:
    653 successful, 419 partial successful (wtf does "Result: no post sending forms are found" mean??), profiles 176, activation required 174, the rest 7626.

    4) okay, i don't know how to set up mail so i can't do activation so that's out. that means all i got is successful and profiles which = 829. "the rest" means failure right? so, i got 10% success rate maybe.

    5) wtf do i do now? do i ping all these new links that xrumer made? is that the next step or do i just let them sit.

    6) my friend is telling me never to do xrumer on your money site or else you will get sandboxed and google will hate you. is this true? my other friend says you can do xrumer all you want on your money site and it will just help.

    7) another tactic i heard (from first guy) is never do xrumer on money site... make a link wheel first then do xrumer on all the sites on your link wheel. is this serious? wtf am i supposed to be doing here? using senuke to make a fucking link wheel and then running xrumer on every damn site in the link wheel?

    thank you my black hat friends you know the answers to any of these questions, just put the number that you are answering and write your answer. that is all. you don't have to answer them all or answer anything. but if you do want to answer, just write the number you are answering and put down your response. i will modify the course and give your results to you.

    thank you.

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