The worlds largest autoblog network? How are they doing it...

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by darkmonk, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Lately I've been fascinated by this site / network of sites. Every now and then when I'm bored I poke around their site and how they are doing things.

    World News. Its actually a network of a whole bunch of sites. I discovered them when researching the backlinks of a competitor. Its kinda neat, but from what I can tell it hosts no unique content whatsoever. It essentially autoblogs news and YouTube videos, from every news source on the internet. Like its own Google News.

    These guys seem to rank for a lot of stuff fast. In the age of duplicate content filters and all that, I am intrigued by how they are able to do it and not get slapped. Is their age (~1995) propelling them past all other limits? They claim to have 75 MILLION indexed pages. How are these guys not getting spanked by Google?

    They have a ton of domains all doing the same thing but in various verticals. I was looking at replicating this, but man the sheer amount of bandwidth and resources you would need...would need a custom optimized queuing system, I can't see running a network like this with Wordpress autoblog plugins. ....but maybe they are...

    I mean, heck, if its simply a matter of slapping a few neat custom UI elements on so you can say its "special" or new or interesting, and then Google will leave you alone and not deindex you....
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    Take a guess
    Look at the site, it can be helpful. Google wants helpful sites in their index and they'll rank them well if they're relevant to user's searches.

    I don't see a reason for deindexing. They also link to the sources..

    They do have a shitload of pages indexed :p

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    Thats not that hard really - by creating niche scraper which searches fro untapped niches, and creates topics there you are getting pretty immune to Google penalty.
    So by building niche autoblog ranking for untapped niches (like 300-400 searches a month, low CPC) but having tens of thousands of them, you are getting yourself ultimate autoblog.